Grow your communities, manage with ease.

Focus on your audience, and we'll help you manage where they meet. Scale your communities on Discord, Telegram, and Twitch

Community Building should be simple, no matter where.

Ensure that each platform you find your audience on, has the same level of expected safety and flexibility as another platform.


Access a unified model of all your analytics for all of your properties in one place.

Off-Platform Tracking

Maintain an awareness of how your users are interacting with your content off-platform with combined analytics.

No Maximum Size

Chatsight scales to how many users you have on any number of platforms, allowing you to grow with confidence.

Audience Safety

Protect your audience from malicious content and phishing, with tooling that augments first party features.

Audience Integrity

Protect your properties against bot attacks and duplicate users while maintaining low friction.


Fully defined APIs all you to take Chatsight wherever you need, and have the same level of access.

One Context, One Dashboard

Available everywhere, so you can manage anywhere.

One Dashboard

Chatsight helps you keep all your properties in one place, keeping you in the same context.

User Permissions

A full permission system helps you organize who has access to where, allowing teams to use with ease.

Universal Settings

Every type of property shares the same type of settings, letting you learn and manage new platforms easier.

Extensible, exportable, predictable.

It's easy to extend Chatsight, with native APIs that let you bring us where you need us.

Fully detailed API Documentation.
Analytics Endpoints available as standard.
Bring-your-own-Dashboard encouraged.

These communities benefit from Chatsight, here's why

“With Chatsight, we grew our Discord to over 25,000 members and they reduced spam and bot activity to single digits.”

Research & Product Lead

The team are always responsive and happy to assist with any issues that arrive as well as actively implementing new features that we have requested as the need for them arises.

Ops / Director of Communications

"Ever since our Discord got compromised we have been using Chatsight. Their tech is able to block even the most sophisticated bot attacks and they have been a valuable partner."

Head of Community