Choose what you need to support your community.



Try out Chatsight with a limited feature tier.

Up to one property linked
Limited Property Security
Chatsight Flow + Analytics
Maximum one team member


Core feature set with enough to see you start managing with ease.

Up to three properties linked
Chatsight Flow - 5k Flows/m
Basic Property Security
Basic Analytics Tier
Maximum three team members

Starting at $200/m

Designed around your needs, with on-hand human support.

Unlimited properties
Chatsight Flow - 200k Flows/m
Custom Property Security
Advanced Analytics
API Access
Cross-Platform User Journeys
Unlimited Team Members
Human 1:1 Support


What's the difference between Standard and Custom?

Standard  includes the core offering of our feature set, with limitations on how much usage you can use. Custom includes our higher grade security and analytics tooling, as well as full access to freely extend our API for your needs.

What happens if I exceed limits on the Standard Plan?

For Chatsight Flow, exceeding the limits on the Standard Plan will do two things: display advertising from pre-approved sources as well as halt most security checks. Users will not be prevented to join your properties at any time.

What's the difference between the tiers of Analytics?

Analytics for the Standard Plan is only available on a same-platform/same-property basis. While Analytics for Custom plans include full access to our link-shortening, cross-platform analytics and cross-platform user journey modeling.

What's the difference between the tiers of Security?

Limited Property Security is restricted to passive security (i.e. things you can't configure or modify). Basic Property Security gives you access to configure every Security setting to your desire. Custom Property Security is tailored made solutions for your own needs.